A trip to Africa changed it all!

For the first time all the years of teaching about wildlife conservation in zoos and aquariums came together and I knew.

I knew I wanted to create the opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about the “wild” world around them by being fully immersed in the experience of it.

In Africa I discovered the importance of learning about animals and nature first-hand. After all, it is first-hand experience that inspires most people to reach out and protect our beloved planet’s resources and natural beauty.   

On my third trip to Africa I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, South Africa.  When my time with that pro-active and wonderful organization ended I returned to the states ready to create, and WildWorks™ was born. 

wildworks logoIn 1998, WildWorks™ became a non-profit organization under the WildWorks Conservation Foundation umbrella. Its goal is to create programs dedicated to wildlife and habitat education, research and conservation.   

WildWorks™ Mission is to find diverse means to provide people of all ages with fun opportunities to learn the importance of balancing the needs of man with the demands of the natural environment.

The vison of WildWorks™ is to provide hands on training and experience in many diverse areas, including:
• wildlife care,
• land management,
• horsemanship,
• gardening,
• food-production,
• water conservation,
• culture,
• interactive technologies and more.

Dot and DamaraDorothy Irvin, President
A 501(c) organization EIN: 85-0455433

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